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How Do You Make Lemon Water to Lose Weight?

Many people don't know how many calories they take in daily from beverages, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC website shows how three cold drinks and a whole milk latte can add up to 796 calories, and suggests substituting cold drinks with low-calorie alternatives, such as water with lemon. Hot lemon water helps stimulate bowel movements, according to the American Cancer Society. Maintaining regularity supports your health and weight loss efforts. Heat w

5 Most Shocking Body Modification Surgeries

Body modification is nothing new – from skin adornment to shape changing, the practice is as old as ancient rituals. But today, physical alterations that change the shape of the body rank among the most dangerous body modifications. Taken to extremes, procedures to radically alter the body’s form can be harmful and even fatal. Body shape modifications such as breast enlargement, butt injections and thigh gap surgery are primarily sought by women. This isn’t surprising, given that it’s generally

Aztec-Style Landscaping

Masters of innovative agriculture, architecture, sculpture, city planning and irrigation, the Aztecs brought their artistry to the organization of outside space. Their stonework survives in well-planned cities and distinctive pyramids. The Aztecs' feats of engineering and architecture date from 1430 to 1520. Nobles practiced landscape design and horticulture, among other creative pursuits. Aztec-style landscaping makes use of the natural features of the site, creating strong lines and organized

Business & Entrepreneurship -

A key to using goal-setting effectively is to review your goals regularly and adjust them as your business grows. Having measurable goals lets you see your progress. You can create a graphic, such as a thermometer with sales or revenue goals, and keep it where you'll see it every day. Tracking how you use your time can help you cut out time wasters, such as checking email too often or socializing during work hours. Try making a note of how you spend each hour of your day for at least two weeks.

Why Is Google Asking Me If I'm Human?

Automated programs attempting to access websites usually come from spammers and are often called spam bots. The distortions in CAPTCHA, those boxes of text you have to solve to gain access, aim to defeat the text-recognition abilities of computers. If you can read the distorted text, you pass for human. In addition to blocking spam bots, Google gets your free labor through the Google ReCAPTCHA program which uses your deciphered words to to help create more content for Google Books. If you see re

Why Do Penguins Smell Bad?

In the Antarctic Peninsula where the dwindling Adelie penguin population still numbers in the thousands, visitors get a nose full of guano smell even from a distance, the National Public Radio website reports. Picture a huge nursery filled with piles of dirty diapers. Penguin couples take turns sitting on their nests. One partner waddles off and swims out to eat, leaving the other on the nest; then the parents trade places. There are no bathrooms, so the whole population of penguins is pooping a

Benefits of Cottage Cheese Post-Workout

Quality post-workout nutrition assists muscle recovery and supports your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. Eating cottage cheese after a workout gives your body protein and carbohydrates for post-exercise muscle recovery. Low-fat cottage cheese gives you a nutrient-rich snack that's low in saturated fat. This portable dairy product also has specific health benefits for your bones and muscles that can keep your body in good condition for a lifetime of workouts. Cottage cheese is lower in satu

How to Cook With Raw Organic Chia Seeds

No longer only a source of green hair for pottery animals and political figures, chia seeds have emerged as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. Learn how to cook with raw organic chia seeds to use this heart-healthy food in your meals. Chia seeds, Salvia hispanica, are a versatile source of nutrition, but they may not be suitable for everyone. As with any nutritional supplement, talk to your doctor before adding chia seeds to your diet. Chia seeds swell and become glutinous

How Does a Spider Sleep?

Thousands of species of spiders exist around the world. Five thousand jumping spider species are known, and they make up only 13 percent of spider species, according to the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee's Field Station extension website. Some set up camp in webs, but not all spiders create spider webs to trap prey. Trapdoor spiders create underground tunnels with hinged doors. Wolf spiders burrow and leap out at prey. The jumping spiders, of family Salticidae, also refrain from building w

My Sea-Monkeys Are Stuck Together

Like female seahorses, female Sea-Monkeys can fertilize their own eggs, a process called parthenogenesis. Even though some of your pets will become stuck together for prolonged periods, females don't have to mate to become pregnant. Females develop a sac in the front when they're pregnant. The female gives birth to multiple babies. The babies need more air than adults, so they come to the top of the water often. When they mature, you'll have a new generation of Sea-Monkeys and some of them will

What Are the Benefits of Walking in 10 Minute Increments?

A brisk, 10 minute walk burns off a 50 calorie chocolate chip cookie. Walking for 10 minute increments gives you a practical way to fit healthy activity into your life. The heavier you are, the more calories you burn in 10 minutes, due to the energy it takes to move your own weight. At a rate of 15 minutes per mile, a 185-pound person burns 67 calories walking for 10 minutes and a 125-pound person burns 45 calories. Walking in 10 minute increments -- especially walking briskly on a regular basi

10 Famous Cursed and Legendary Diamonds

Famous diamonds often carry curses, with legends surrounding the gems extending back for centuries. Myths credit diamonds with causing murders, suicides, and financial ruin – legitimate newspaper reports tell of people ruined after possessing or even just transporting a notorious diamond. It’s not necessarily a mysterious or supernatural phenomenon; the rarest diamonds are priceless, inspiring thefts and battles, passion and jealousy. Superstitions around curses have plagued famous diamonds unt